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Racheli Weinberg
Play Therapist

Key info about Racheli

Qualifications: Psychology BSc, Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Wellbeing PGCert, Play Therapy MA

Therapy used: Play Therapy

Ages worked with: Under 18s and families

Clinics at: Finchley Central, Online

Health insurance coverage: Please enquire

Accreditation: British Association of Play Therapy (BAPT)

Hi! I’m Racheli and I'm a Play Therapist.

How did I become a play therapist?


I began my journey by studying an undergraduate degree in Psychology, which opened my eyes to the fascinating complexities of the area of children and young people. My interest piqued, I went on to carry out a postgraduate certificate at the Tavistock and Portman studying children, adolescent and family mental well-being, and then on to my Master's in Play Therapy, where I was trained to hone my natural curiosity, creativity and playful nature to help children and young people with emotional challenges. I have experience of working with children with all different needs and worked in the domestic violence sector. I currently work as a play therapist in both primary and secondary schools.


Who do I work with?


I work with children aged 4 up to 16 with a wide variety of needs including challenges of anxiety, self-esteem issues, domestic violence, bereavement, ASD, ADHD and others. I also spent time working with looked-after and adopted children.


What would it be like to meet me?


Initially, I would meet with your parent/carer to hear about the challenges you are experiencing. Following this initial consultation, I will meet you and tell you all about play therapy, answering any questions that you have and getting to know you better. The subsequent play therapy sessions will last for 50 minutes and during that time you get to choose what you want to do to express your emotions and use your creativity. The room will be filled with different toys, art and crafts, sand and sensory play. Through playing and creating, together we will be able to make difficult feelings 'feel better,' and help you achieve the potential you have inside. 

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