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Welcome to 'Becoming a Parent' - a six week course offered by psychologists, designed to help you navigate the journey into parenthood and make some friends along the way!

Whether you're bringing a baby into the world, adopting or fostering a child for the first time; your life is about to change! We're so lucky that there is such great support out there for the practical aspects of bringing up a child, but what about the psychological changes and adjustment that takes place?

The 'Becoming a Parent' group is about helping parents-to-be navigate something that they may have never experienced before and which is so life changing. Covering topics such as fears of getting it right, worries about being alone, changes in intimacy, supporting a partner and exploring how your own experiences of being parented may impact on your own parenting style - the course provides a safe space to learn with others who are about to embark on the same journey as you.

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