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Educational Assessments

Sometimes we notice that there are things we find easier than others, especially at school. We might find that things to do with words are easier than things with numbers, or the other way round. When you see a psychologist they might say we could try doing something called a ‘cognitive assessment’. This means you will do different types of tasks and puzzles that are designed to look at all the different ways your brain does things. These tasks and puzzles are designed to start easy and get more difficult – most people can never finish all the tasks and puzzles (not even grown ups!) After this, the psychologist will look at all the scores on the tasks and puzzles and see what your strengths are, and where we could help make life easier.  

Step 1: Initial consultation

During the initial consultation, a clinician will ask you a range of questions about what has led to you choosing to undertaken an assessment and your child's history. This is also a chance for us to explain the different parts of the assessment and make sure it is the right choice for you. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

There may be occasions where this initial screening appointment does not indicate that a full assessment is indicated or that it may be better to wait to complete the assessment at a more appropriate time in the future. If this is the case then the clinician will discuss this with you.

Step 2: Teacher consultation

Step 3: Testing

Step 4: Feedback and Report

Step 5: Follow up

Following the assessment process, if you would like to discuss the results of the assessment further then the clinicians are able to provide one to two further appointments that will be charged at a sessional rate. Should you feel you would like to pursue any follow-up sessions or therapeutic work please discuss this with the practice.


Initial consultation (50 minutes): £130. If a full assessment is recommended and you require a letter to your insurer supporting this, we will include this as part of the fee.


Standard Educational Assessment (including WISC-V assessment), Feedback Session and Report: £1,000. 

If a more comprehensive assessment is required, this will be quoted for separately.

Follow up support sessions (50 minutes): £130

With your consent, the psychologist will contact key professionals in your child’s school, such as the SENCO, class teacher or inclusion teacher; they may also send questionnaires for their completion. The psychologist may suggest a classroom observation if it would assist their understanding of your child.

The tests used will vary depending on the assessment questions, but most psycho-educational evaluations include a cognitive test such as the WISC-V and an academic attainment measure. Additional tests, such as those that measure attention, behaviour, language, sensory processing or social-emotional skills may be included if relevant to your child’s needs. The time taken can vary but typically takes around four hours. Your psychologist may suggest splitting this into two sessions.

A comprehensive report will be written by your psychologist and discussed with you at a parent feedback meeting. With your consent, your psychologist will arrange a video call with your child’s school to interpret the report and advise them on targets to be included in a support plan. Reports will be written within ten working days.

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